Arthrosis is a chronic degenerative-dystrophic process leading to the destruction of articular cartilage. The joints of the lower extremities are mainly affected – the knee and hip, less often the ankle. The joints of the upper extremities are practically not affected, since they do not have a supporting function.

What is the cause of arthrosis?
The main factors leading to the development of arthrosis are hypothermia, overload and joint injury. In addition, arthrosis is also an age-related process, to one degree or another, developing in every person in old and old age.

What are the symptoms of arthrosis?
The main symptom of arthrosis is pain that occurs at night, at the beginning of walking, when walking for a long time, when going down or climbing stairs, when walking on an uneven surface, when the weather changes. Symptoms such as crackling, crunching and limitation of movement may also be present.

Why is arthrosis dangerous?
By itself, arthrosis is not dangerous, but if you do not take any measures for treatment and prevention, the quality of life in this disease is steadily declining: constant intractable pain syndrome limits both daily and professional activities. In the end, all conservative methods of treatment become ineffective and the question arises of total arthroplasty (replacement) of the affected joint, after which the person actually “falls out” of life for 3-4 months, because in the postoperative period, a strict protective regime is required.

How to cure arthrosis?
Like most chronic diseases, it is completely impossible to cure arthrosis, but complex conservative treatment including correction of flat feet, weight loss, protective mode, moderate physical activity, massage, physiotherapy exercises, physiotherapy, pharmacotherapy, wearing an orthosis and intra-articular injections of hyaluronic acid allows you to maintain this process in the compensation phase , in which arthrosis practically does not affect the quality of life.

Who treats arthrosis?
Theoretically, the treatment of this disease should be dealt with by an orthopedic surgeon who is a certified specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but such a specialist is extremely rare in the outpatient network of St. Petersburg, therefore, the responsibility for the diagnosis and treatment of arthrosis is assigned to the surgeon. which is enshrined in the relevant order of the Ministry of Health.

Is it possible to cure arthrosis on your own?
You can try, but you should always remember that joint pain can be a manifestation of such systemic diseases as rheumatism and gout. In addition, diseases such as periarthritis, which have nothing to do with arthrosis, are often confused with arthrosis. Finally, pain in the knee joint, the most difficult joint in the body, may indicate both damage to the menisci and the presence of floating cartilage (the so-called “articular mouse”).

It is almost impossible to figure out on your own in all the variety of symptoms accompanying joint diseases, therefore it is better not to risk health, but to contact a specialist who knows the methods of diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.